Gatekeeping Vs. YOUR Literacy

Now that I have read “The Elements of Literacy” I finally understand what our education system is doing. I have finally came to the conclusion that all grade levels kindergarten through 12, no matter what kind of test it is, EOG, placement, SAT, ACT, etc. they all are created to place us in certain academic surroundings that distinguish are levels of literacy. The NCLB recaps this by throwing parties for schools who reach a certain level of test scores, leaving the kids who didn’t reach the requirement to dry and pushed away and leaving schools that have the most troubled kids with their academics with less money due to the fact the schools with higher test scores receive the most amount of funding. How is that fair?

The standardized writing format that we have all been brought up learning is a way of gate keeping that our teachers have made for us if they are following the curriculum. If a student believes that that isn’t the correct way for them to format their paper and doesn’t correctly do the five paragraph format that are punished. They are outcast with a bad grade not because their writing isn’t “good writing” but because of the format. How crazy.

Literacy changes every single day. It has always been something that we base upon people rather they are “smart” or “dumb”, educated or not educated. Do you have “good” literacy or do you not have it at all. Having just a small bit of knowledge of literacy is better than no literacy at all, having your own type of literacy can be great but also horrible when it comes to what your gate keepers are considering literacy in that certain moment of time. You can identify literacy, sometimes people have literacy but it’s not the same as your literacy so you consider them “dumb”. That’s not how it should work and people shouldn’t have to stay in one “gate keeping” scene. Each culture has a different meaning of literacy and each individual has their own interpretation of it as well.


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