The Understanding of Viewpoints: Religion and Art Collide

To date, previous research has examined two different perspectives of tattooing on American society- one being the negative viewpoint that religious persons possess and the other being the positive viewpoint from individuals that value art. Likewise, research that has been completed gives evidence of generational divides within the community of tattooing and shows how both acceptance and significance, of most everything, but specifically tattooing, has changed over time (Anne Brenoff 2015). This special edition magazine strides away from the positive and negative viewpoints and rather proposes the way in which religion and art may collide. Furthermore, this magazine focuses on both extremes to obtain a better understanding of the intersection of viewpoints that the two different types of people have. Lastly, this magazine touches on the generational divides that come from changing acceptance and significance within society and explains how such aspects have caused tattooing to become what it has today.


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