Complicating it

Shelby stated that maybe tattoos are a much bigger deal now than they were in the 90’s due to lack of media and tattoos being exposed to the world through media. That draws me back to the way people view the different ink movement that there is. Do you think that people would really complain and judge a cross on your arm if you were to be walking down the street verse a random monster looking tattoo. Would media be more to pick up a story on a tattoo about a cross or a random sick, monster looking tattoo? But what is that “random sick, monster looking” tattoo was significant to you, would it be looked down upon and mediated just because it’s different and stands out more?

Lauren found that Native Americans used tattoos to symbolize their unity and represent their different tribes. But isn’t this what Christians, Jew, Muslims, and other religions do as well to show their unity and what the believe? Individuals are to express themselves in a way that makes them feel unique. Art is a growing thing in the world, we just need to “accept” that tattooing is now apart of what we call art. But why are people still so against it if it’s not necessarily a sin through their religion and it was here long before they were even alive?


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