But Where Does it Say it’s Wrong?

small-christian-tattoo-design Black-And-White-Flower-Tattoo

Is the first picture a “appropriate” tattoo because it’s symbolizing Christianity?

Is the second picture “inappropriate” because it’s only just a flower?

I’m Christian.

I’m for tattoos.

Does that mean I’m a horrible person?

I believe that tattoos have a way of expressing who you are and what you believe, rather it’s a cross, bible verse, flower, quotes, or a random basic infinity sign that every teenage girl wants inked in their bodies. It’s what YOU want and strictly what YOU want only. It’s inked in your skin, not in anyone else.

“Here’s a line in the Bible that says, Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. (Leviticus 19:28)”… But, is this to funeral rituals or ordinary tattooing? Is it okay to have “Christian like” markings? What if it’s a cross? What if it’s a bible verse? Or doves? Does it make tattoos okay then? http://tattoos.lovetoknow.com/Religions_and_Tattoos

“The KORAN also forbids tattooing, depending on how it is translated.”….But, if i interrupt it one way am I still wrong for getting a tattoo? If I was to be cremated by fire before entry would it be okay? My tattoos would be rid of. Does that make it any better? Does it make it okay since I technically won’t be going in front of my God with markings? http://www.vanishingtattoo.com/tattoos_designs_symbols_religious.htm

“Others who disapprove or approve of tattoos as a social phenomenon may cite other verses to make their point.”…But, isn’t every verse in the bible Gods word? How do you take it? How do you interrupt the verse? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_perspectives_on_tattooing

“The opinion of tattooing in all of the major bible based religions is that it is wrong to get tattooed.”…But, it’s okay to get symbolic markings that symbolize your religion? What’s the difference? Isn’t a marking a marking? http://totallysweettattoos.com/what-religions-say-about-tattoos.php

“Tattooing is becoming more and more popular everyday and no matter what the religious views are people are still going to get tattooed.”…But is it even necessary? What happens when we don’t want it there anymore? Will God shun us for this? Are we not accepted by him anymore? http://www.vanishingtattoo.com/tattoo_museum/religious_tattoos.html


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