“Fab or Fad”

There are more opinions in today’s society than there has ever been on tattoos. Some say a needle and ink in your skin is a sin and others believe it’s the best way to express who you are and what you believe. In today’s world most religions agree that tattoos aren’t sinful but they are wrong. So how do other belief systems (such as religion) weigh in on how one perceives the inked movement? In the “major” religions such as Christianity, Jews, Catholics, Islams, and Muslims all seem to agree that tattooing is wrong. “http://totallysweettattoos.com/what-religions-say-about-tattoos.php” Christians believe that tattooing is a pagan practice, though it does not say in the bible anything about tattooing. Jews believe that the Old Testament is God’s word and nothing is more important that following the ten commandments, therefor tattooing is highly wrong in their religion. Catholics view their beliefs towards the Old Testament as well, they lean towards the verse of Leviticus 19:28 that reads “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves…” Islams believe that if you are to get a tattoo you are disrespecting God’s word and making permanent change to the body. Lastly, Muslims believe that when tattooing the body you are making changes to the creation of Allah, making changes to the creation of Allah has no exceptions and Muslims believe that anyone who makes these changes should be cursed. Although each religion has a different view, they all can agree that tattoos are wrong one way or another. In today’s society it doesn’t matter the beliefs anymore, if someone wants a tattoo they’re going to get a tattoo, they are becoming more and more popular and no word is going to stop the ink movement.

This leads us to the question of what can the history and significance of tattoos for other cultures and nations tell us about our own culture’s perceptions? Tattoos came from Polynesia, “the word tattoo is said to have two major derivations- from the Polynesian word ‘ta’ which means striking something and the Tahitian word ‘Tatau’ which means ‘to mark something.” “http://www.designboom.com/history/tattoo_history.html.” Many cultures were knocked out or changed when tattoos were discovered. Tattoos existed in ancient Europe Cultures and thousands more, who all had a different purpose and meaning of their ink movement. As I stated before Christian beliefs were through the Pagan Practice and tattoo movement began to slow down when Christianity rose. “http://matadornetwork.com/nights/what-do-your-tattoos-mean-to-you/.” We all may have different beliefs and thoughts on tattoos but from the start tattoos were just ink to express ourselves, rather or not your religion is okay with the ink movement it’s never really up to your religion; it’s up to you and what changes you want to make to your body and what you believe is right verse wrong. When tattoos were first discovered the opinions of right or wrong were never there, why are they now?


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