What is You, is You

In the world that we live in today everyone has their own different language that they write and talk in and believe is “correct literacy.” It may come from their parents, schoolteacher’s or just hearing the way people in their hometown speak. I was raised in a small town where “good literacy” wasn’t often used and when it was spoken of it was only in our college town, Elon University. My high school was in the middle of nowhere and most of the teachers were also from the middle of nowhere, who had no idea of what “good literacy” was unless they were our English teachers. Even being our English teachers they didn’t have much patience with correct our grammar, punctuation, and etc. So they did just as much as they needed to, to have us pass the course.

Harris and Bartholomae said, “Write not as isolated individuals but as members of communities whose beliefs, concerns, and practices both instigate and constrain, at least in part, the sorts of things we say.” To me this quote states that we express who we are through our own way of writing. Everyone has his or her own opinions of what literacy is and what is right or wrong. In your writings you aren’t so much worried about how others are going to think of your writings but how they sound to you. No one writing or language is the same, so how can one be judged on what’s right or wrong literacy. Not everyone is taught the same, raised the same or even corrected the same. You have your own thoughts, voice and opinions. You shouldn’t be downed upon because you’re writing or language spoken isn’t what someone else’s is. It’s how you are expressed and different from others, one community is the same.

It’s different when you put it into terms with “discourse communities.” It’s how YOU personally make the writing and what comes out of it. Nothing makes your writing more unique than YOU influencing it and not letting the writing influence you.

Over time we grow up and learn to learn from others and learn from what they write or how they speak. Through discourse communities we pick up what is laid out and are taught to speak and write how we are wanted to when we get to the college level. We might not exactly understand it, but we constantly check over our essays and get others to look over them hoping that they exceed their expectations and not just our own. At the end of the day your essays and the way you express yourself threw your language and writings will always stand out in some way or another. Your writings will always be influenced by you and not the editors or teachers who taught you the specific way of literacy.


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