During my two semester here at Charlotte I’ve been enrolled in many different types of discourse communities. Two courses that were very different from each other in their discourse community is my UWRT 1103 and Global Connections class WWI. One is required and one isn’t but some how the required class is less stressful than the non-required class.

In our UWRT class we have about 15 students and the discussion is very deep and understandable. Every topic is thoroughly discussed and questions are thoroughly answered. We talk to each other as a class and get each others different opinions. We have a writing assignment every class day to pull our thoughts together. it’s designed to better our writing skills and that’s exactly what it does.

My Global Connections class is a LBST and lately I have noticed our LBST classes can become more confusing to understand than our classes that are required and required for our major. In this class there is close to 170 students who sit and take notes on the power point that our professor stands up and lectures on throughout our hour and 15 minute class period. We have more homework assignments than I can count and more readings than necessary, much are which too hard to understand. The understanding of this class is very hard for me due to the fact it is history and that isn’t a strong subject of mine. The way this professor lectures is hard to keep up with, it’s very scattered.

These two courses differ mainly in size and the way the two professors get material out to you. One is better understanding and the other just throws information out and you can only hope to understand. The Global Connections class is what I had in mind college would be like and our UWRT class reminds me a lot of our courses in high school where your teachers really thought thoroughly with you to better you.

All professors have a different way of going about lecture, the sizes, the accents, the way they lecture, the amount of work, amount of pop quizzes, etc. It’s college and everything is different than what we’ve ever experienced, no two professors are the same nor is a course. Every UWRT class is different and every history class is different in college, it’s about experience and finding what works best for you.


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