What really is THE American Dream?

I chose my proposal to be on the topic of the American Dream. This is something that I always struggled with throughout grade school activities to really be able to understand my peers and even my own thinking process of how we want or expect our lives to be lived. To me the American Dream is to have unconditional love, support, and guidance from my family. I know others American Dream is all about the luxury of money, cars and fame. But is that really all you want out of life? How is that billionaires, movie stars, and famous song writers still aren’t happy with their lives and chose to go down the wrong path or even take their lives when they have everything some of us have ever thought the “American Dream” was? My question is, when is enough, enough? How can someone with so much money, so much fame and so much love from people they don’t even know they exist still be so unhappy with their lives? Something they dreamed about from the day they are born, they receive and still end up so unhappy? Then there are people who all they need and have ever hoped for is the simplest things in life are so happy and are living out their “American Dream” so simply.

I think the main issue on the American Dream is, some people finally reach what they once thought was their “American Dream” and are so greedy they want more. All they want is more, more, more and enough is never enough and never will be enough. They crave attention and they crave fame until it gets too much to handle. But how is it too much to handle when it’s all they ever wanted? How is it that you can get everything you want and still be so unsatisfied, so depressed?

I think people who already have their American dream achieved and want more are the ones who care about the issue the most; the ones who have already reached fame. But sometimes I think it’s the less fortunate who all they want are the little things and sometimes those things can’t even be given to them. They sit and watch these famous people go on about their lives wishing and hoping for me, more than likely getting it just for them to sit there and wonder where did they ever go wrong to not get what they have hoped for.

Everyone has a different definition to what they believe is “The American Dream.” There’s not one that is the same, so how are we to say what it really is and who is really living it? What do you think the American Dream is, how do you go about it, and who is really living their own American Dream and who is really living “The” American Dream?


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