What was significant?

The Element of Literacy-

To me the No Child Left Behind Act has all good intentions but don’t necessarily know how to go about things correctly. They are still going through trial and error. I thought it had a more positive effect on children before than it does now. Students aren’t learning all the material they need to be for the real world and teachers aren’t giving out deserving grades. I believe this could be because teachers believe they will be frowned upon in their teachings if too many kids are failing even if that is the grade they deserve.

Literacy is… Metaphors: Adaptation, power, state of grace

Adaptation: you need this to get by, maintaining

Power: being able to climb the social ladder, doing more than just getting by

State of Grace: Abilities of understanding that others don’t have, “I’m better than you because I am literate and you’re not.” attitude

Standardized testing to me is not a way of testing your literacy

It never occurred to me that there was more than one type of literacy, after hearing what the class had to say in our discussion I have a way more better understanding of it. The three metaphors of literacy that we discussed really helped me better understand, from adaptation, power to state of grace. In my thoughts I thought the State of Grace metaphor really stood out. To have the ability to understand things that others don’t have is a higher educated form of literacy, I would say.


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