What I believe “good” Writing is

In my opinion to be literate means to understand readings and have acknowledgement of what words means. To be able to have “good” writing you have to be literate. Good writing is your own words, and also your own process of thinking. Grammar, punctuation, logic and understanding are very important parts to a “good” writing. Restating something you have previously talked about is okay in some senses but also not okay in other. Repeating yourself over and over, just rambling turns a good writing into a poor writing. The words you choose to use in your writing matter a significant amount, they matter and can make or break your writing. “Good writing serves the reader, not the writer.” http://www.annhandley.com/2013/11/18/9-qualities-of-good-writing/. Some qualities in “good” writing that are important to have are ideas that are important, smooth sentences, express ideas, and make connections. Qualities I would find in a bad writing would be, rambling on, talking about something in your writing that has nothing to do with the subject or object, horrible grammar and punctuation.

A grammar rant that grinds my ears is when people use texting abbreviations in their school-work, papers, and anything that isn’t text messaging. Honestly even using abbreviations in anything that someone else will need to read or make out drives me insane. Not everyone is familiar with your abbreviations, it is not that hard to spell out a word!

I agree with the statements about beginning your papers with a thesis statement, I always thought that my thesis statements in high school were too long but my teachers never thought anything of it. To me as long as you get your point across in the paper, but state your main purpose of the paper at the beginning it shouldn’t matter where your points come across. I also strongly agree with the punctuation comments, my teachers in high school never really referred to the I’s and you’s as much as I see my professors correcting my writings now in college. It’s a different perspective that professors and teachers from high school have from one another.

5 thoughts on “What I believe “good” Writing is

  1. lbyrne3 says:

    I like how you first described good writing in the first paragraph, I think all of those pieces are needed as well. You also said that good writing requires ideas that are important, but I don’t feel like that is always the case. Sometimes writing can be about small ideas or thoughts that people just want to share for fun, but aren’t always “important”. Does the topic have to be important in order for it to be categorized as good writing?


  2. Kassandra says:

    I believe that rambling, although typically a bad thing, can also be a good thing if that is the writers style. If the rambling is on topic and questions the readers values and opinions about the piece, I would agree that it is beneficial. Have you ever come across an odd style of writing that hasn’t matched your idea of “good writing”? Good writing doesn’t always have to mean it was academic either, good writing could include pieces that you enjoy (comedy, plays, poems, etc.). Often times these may be written purposely ‘badly’.


  3. cdamero1 says:

    I like the way you started by voicing your opinion on what literacy is. I do agree that important ideas are where good writings will come from, however I also tend to see many articles and essays about less important and smaller ideas that end up being good writings too. So maybe it’s not necessarily the importance of the topic, but the role of the topic in the writers life.

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